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    Shenzhen Keyu Power Supply Technology CO.,LTD


    Shenzhen Keyu Power Supply Technology CO.,LTD

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    Shenzhen Keyu Power Supply Technology CO.,LTD was founded in 2000.Keyu specializes in the production of LED lighting power supply,consumer electronics power supply and so on.Meanwhile,we are a private enterprise which has integrated with the R&D,manufacturing and sales.Since its establishment,Keyu always sticks to the company tenet of"Quality First,Customer First",and it has won the support and trust of numerous customers at home and abroad on the bases of the superior quality,reasonable price,perfect pre-sales,after sales services.For catering the hotting market competition and the requirements of the rapid development of high-tech,our products have approved by the CCC,FCC,GS,UL,CE,KC,PSE,RoHs etc.At the same time,we has obtained ISO9001-2008 quality management system certification.