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    Copyright ? 2016 Shenzhen Keyu Power Supply Technology Co., Ltd.  ALL RIGHT RESERVED 粵ICP備14075255號 Powered by 300.cn 


    (+86) 755-27826629
    (+86) 755-27827839
    No.13,Lane3,Yuquan East Road,the 2nd Industrial park,Yulv,Guangming District,Shenzhen,China


    Company News


    KeYu's registered capital increased to 0.3 billion
    Obtain ISO9001-2015 quality management system certification
    Introduce advanced detection equipment to perform incoming material detection
    Shenzhen Keyu Power Supply Technology CO.,LTD
    Obtain ISO9001-2008 quality management system certification
    Have strong capacity in new product development and rapid response
    Relying on technology,the company is equipped with an R&D team that has years of experience in the design of switching power ada
    Meeting the demands of customers is the starting point and final goal for our service
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